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5 music albums to listen to while coding

5 music albums to listen to while coding

Let music transport you into The Zone!

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Β·May 20, 2021Β·

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Some context

While I was working for BrΓΊjula, we used to have a shared playlist πŸ“š. Each week, one of the team members had to propose a music album 🎢 that they liked to listen to while working πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’». At the end of the week, we voted which was our favorite song πŸ‘‘, and that one went into the playlist.

There were a lot of different genres and tastes in music of course, but I'm gonna share with you some of the albums I proposed πŸ€—:

1. Spiritual State, by Nujabes

If you are an anime fan, you might know Nujabes as the OST creator for the classic anime Samurai Champloo. Unfortunately, he died some years ago leaving us with just 4 albums.

This one is my favorite. Calm and good vibes are what this album is all about 🌴.

  • Favorite song πŸ‘‘: Prayer

2. Wildflower, by The Avalanches

This band has an interesting creative process: they get old samples and mix them to create something new and usually much better (just as we coders mix and refine code to create a brand new feature).

The songs in this album chain with each other beautifully (if you listen to the album in order, of course), but each other is different; like functions in a program, each one has a clear objective but they all share a common bigger goal.

  • Favorite song πŸ‘‘: If I Was a Folkstar

3. Discovery, by Daft Punk

Quite mainstream, but I think it's a must in a coding playlist. Personally, repetitive techno music just moves me to do methodical and focused activities: like coding! Such a shame they recently disbanded πŸ’”.

Their creative process is similar to The Avalanches, as they mix old samples too πŸ’Ώ.

Oh, by the way, check out Interstella 5555 (not Interstellar, which is a great film too); an animation movie whose only soundtrack is this album. It narrates a powerful story about artists and the industry that markets them 🎁.

  • Favorite song πŸ‘‘: Digital Love

4. Drive Soundtrack - OST, by Kavinsky and many others

I believe this one is not in album format, but it exists at least as a Spotify playlist 🎢.

I just love the Drive film, I believe its stronger points are the aesthetics and atmosphere it creates that sucks you in πŸ™‚. The OST is a key element in that crafted experience, and it's quite immersive by itself.

  • Favorite song πŸ‘‘: Nightcall

5. The Cowboy Bebop EP, by Kendall x Mukashi

It's not really an album, and it's quite short; but these people did what we programmers do best: stand in the shoulders of giants and build upon that πŸ—.

Cowboy Bebop it's a space opera anime 🌌 in which most chapters are named after a music genre. That shows how important is the OST in this show.

This playlist was made combining those songs with dialogue clips from the series πŸ“Ί.

  • Favorite song πŸ‘‘: Waltz on Venus.

Closing time

Give them and try and let me know in the comments which ones you hated the most 😁.

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